TAIMEN LAB is working on two research areas of translational pathology, cancer and the nuclear intermediate filaments called the lamins. The research work is led by professor of molecular pathology, chief pathologist Pekka Taimen and the research team consists of experts in biomedicine and various clinical fields.

Our cancer research focuses on pathogenesis, biomarkers and patient-derived cell culture models of prostate and bladder cancer. Additionally, we collaborate tightly with urologists, radiologists, geneticists and experts of nuclear medicine and oncology to improve risk-stratification, diagnostics, and imaging of patients with urological cancers. We are part of FICAN West Cancer Centre, Turku Prostate Cancer Consortium (TPCC), InFLAMES Research Flagship and Movember Unique Global TMAs consortium. Together with local Auria Biobank we are also focusing on genomics of lung cancer in the Finnish population.

The cell biological research of TAIMEN LAB focuses on the nuclear intermediate filament proteins called the lamins. We are especially interested in the pathobiology of inherited diseases caused by lamin mutations, such as dilated cardiomyopathy and premature aging. In these studies, we utilize primary patient cell cultures, high resolution imaging, biochemistry and more recently, transgenic mouse models.